DVBS 2015 Experience!

Daily Vacation Bible SchoolEvery year, Bordergate Baptist Church brings the most exciting Daily Vacation Bible School in Macau inviting all children to youth people to join in an unforgettable experience every summer vacation.In DVBS you will have fun and enjoy the songs, games, arts and crafts, new friends and precious lessons from the bible! This year the theme of DVBS is African Safari Adventure, we journeyed and explored the wonderful creations of God that through it also we learned about His marvelous love to us. And we are surely looking forward for the DVBS 2016.

There’s a lot of good comments and feedback from the students and teachers and volunteers and they all want to share their experience. Here’s are some:

“Rejoice Evermore” 1 Thessalonians 5:16
I’m so excited to share with you guys my experience in the Border Gate Baptist Church’s Daily Vacation Bible School 2015. This is literally my first time to attend an event called “DVBS”.

Jacob Estenilo

I had an awesome experience!
African Safari Adventure is this year’s theme for the vbs. There are chantings and games every morning which make the kids more awake and enthusiastic each day; well not only the kids hahaha. We were grouped into four teams: the lion team, the panda team, the bear team and the zebra team. Each team has to do their very own chants assisted by the teachers, awesome isn’t it?
After all the chanting, some pastors read a devotion to all of us. Since the theme this year is African Safari Adventure. We discussed all about “The Creation”. Fun Activities: Arts and Craft, Memory Verses, Q and A portion and many more! Discussions each day were very interesting because we knew more about How the Lord made the Earth. Meeting new people and making them your friends are great too.
On the last day of the DVBS 2015, we had our field trip and guess what? We went to the Panda Park in Coloane, Taipa. How exciting! When we made it to our destination, we separated into sections first: the beginners, the pre primary, the primary, the juniors and the youth. We played fun games and by sections, we strolled in the park to look around the Panda Park, which has so many kinds of plants and trees that made the air cool.
We played fun games and by sections, we strolled around the park to see interesting animals. The Panda Park has so many kinds of plants and trees that made the breeze cool. We quoted our memory verses and took some fancy pictures. Too bad we need to bid our good-byes.
We should probably attend next years DVBS! To sum up everything, I had so much fun learning more about our Lord God, making new friends and all the experience. Gienelle You Xin Tan Youth class student

” All around the world something’s going on about Jesus love, It’s amazing! Truly, we praise the Lord for using our church to present God’s wonderful creation and Jesus strengths to some 70 students of this year Daily Vacation Bible School. This is a yearly activity for youth and children ministry. Pastor James promoted this to the church and we responded by inviting the children to attend. Praise God also for touching the hearts of volunteered workers who sacrificed their time and gave their gifts and talents to make this activity a success. To God be the glory” – Roselyn V. MedinaJunior class teacher

Come and Join us for another exciting Daily Vacation Bible School on 2016 and experience the fun of learning the Bible! Don’t forget to mark your calendar. See you all!!!


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