Pastor Mak’s Church Planting Trip to Ranong and Burma

The ordination of Pastor at Macedonia Independent Baptist Mission at Burma

Macedonia Independent Baptist Mission : History

In the year of 2007 Bordergate Baptist Church (BGBC) sent out Pastor Samuel Mak whom who built Macedonia Independent Baptist Mission (MIBM). It is in Pastor Mak’s residence where they held the Sunday Worship in Singapore with his family and some visitors from the former church he is attending. MIBM work started when Pastor Mak returned from a 3-month deputation in the US together with Pastor James E. Estenilo. Their outreach started with tracts distribution and visitations in their area in Singapore. Pastor Mak and his wife Sis. Annie would go out weekly around the vicinity they live and do evangelism and have church service every Sunday. Though the field of Singapore is a hard ground to break through, God has been blessing the mission with church planting ministry outside Singapore, namely Myanmar with 3 mission works to date.

Ordaining Pastor Kyaw Swar, left side : Pastor James , right side : Pastor Mak

The MIBM Myanmar started in 2009, the 1st mission work was in Kaw Thuang, while the 2nd mission work started in 2011 at Maliwan and the 3rd mission began in 2013 at the island of Ma Kyone Galet. Pastor Mak spent his time and effort training men and building the work there. Pastor James Estenilo from Bordergate Baptist Church in Macao and Pastor Mak ordained Brother Kyaw Swar as Pastor in MIBM Myanmar. Pastor Kyaw Swar got saved during Pastor Mak’s ministry in the year 2009. Pastor Mak has been training him via skype from 2010 to 2014. He graduated and earned a Diploma of Religious Education degree and was ordained in November 2014. And now the missions in Myanmar have total of 1 ordained Pastor ( P Kyaw Swar), 2 trainees (Bro Winsoe and Bro San Maung) and 3 full time workers. As of now, The quarterly expenditure for the Myanmar mission works includes 3 months rental, support of the Pastor and full time workers and program expenditure of SGD2,700 (14,000 HKD).

Pastor Mak

Pastor Mak later became the Missionary Coordinator, a work that requires him to mentor and take care of Bordergate Baptist Church Missionaries in the Philippines. God has blessed the mission works with growth and progress in Myanmar as well as the work in the Philippines. Recently, they started to put in Moringa Livelihood projects in the Philippines at Iligan City, Ozamis and soon in Bohol. This will help the members to be self-reliant and help the needs of the mission work. Pastor Mak and family are asking prayers for the growth of the mission in Singapore, as Luke 10:2 says “Therefore said He unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. May the Lord of the Harvest bless them with members that will be faithful servants of God and bear much fruit! Glory to God!