Sunday Morning Service

September 4, 2016


at 10:00 am:

at 10:30 am:

Church Choir Opening Song :

Church Introduction :

Congregational Singing :

Hymns And Spiritual Song




Church Choir :

Scriptural Reading :

Singsparation :

Title Song :

Speaker :

Message :

Bible Text :

Closing Prayer :

Pre-Service Men’s Prayer Meeting

Worship Service Start

“To The Work” and “Bring Them In”

Bro. Luis Gomes

Bro. Christian Tolentino

“Rescue The Perishing”

“Anchors Hold”

“Melody Of Love”

“Victory in Jesus”

Sis. Grace Alfeche “You Are There”

Bro. Jubal Salbina “Proverbs 2:1-9″

Sis. Elisa Mago

“He Is My All”

Pastor James Estenilo

“Cast Him Forth Into The Sea”

“Jonah 1”

Bro. Luis Gomes


Usher :

Flower Arranger :

Sermon Note-taker :

Control Room :

Bro. Ralf Quezar De Leon and Bro. Romel Orocay

Sis. Vangie Tablada

Sis. Jamie Rez De Leon

Bro. Benedict Callo

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