How To Measure A Man

How To Measure A Man

Sunday Morning Service

August 28, 2016


at 10:00 am:

at 10:30 am:

Church Choir Opening Song :

Church Introduction :

Congregational Singing :

Hymns And Spiritual Song




Church Choir :

Scriptural Reading :

Singsparation :

Title Song :

Speaker :

Message :

Bible Text :

Closing Prayer :

Pre-Service Men’s Prayer Meeting

Worship Service Start

“The Lily Of The Valley” and “He Keeps Me Singing”

Bro. Luis Gomes

Bro. Christian Tolentino

“There’s A Power In The Blood”

“Jesus Saves”

“O’ Think Of The Home Over There”

“Victory in Jesus”

Sis. Grace Alfeche “O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus”

Bro. Jubal Salbina “Proverbs 1:1-16″

Reyta Family

“The World We Never Touch”

Pastor James Estenilo

“How To Measure A Man”

“Acts 20:17-38”

Bro. Romeo Orocay


Usher :

Flower Arranger :

Sermon Note-taker :

Control Room :

Bro. Filipe Reyta and Bro. Romeo Orocay

Sis. Vangie Tablada

Sis. Jamie Rez De Leon

Bro. Benedict Callo

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