Think yourself happy

Think yourself happy

Prayer Vigil

September 23, 2016

at 09:00 pm :

Opening Prayer :

Congregational Singing :




Speaker :

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Ushers :


Control Room :

Closing Prayer :

Prayer Request And Testimony

Bro. Arminio (Jojo) Gumalot

Bro.Gil Go

“I Am Resolved”

“Victory In Jesus”

Lily of the Valley ( by Bro. Gil,Johnny,Jojo,Noel )

Pastor James Estenillo

“I Think Myself Happy”

Acts 26:1-6 KJV

John 15:11 KJV

Philippians 4:11 KJV

Bro. Gil Go and Bro. Jojo

Bro. Chino,Bro. Noel,Bro. Jojo and Bro. Benedict

Bro. Benedict Callo / Sis. Gina Villanueva

Bro. Benedict Callo

Church Service Gallery

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