Bordergate Baptist Church Men

The Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries Page is meant to offer ideas and options for a well-developed ministry to and through men. Cultivating men the church can count on should be the goal of conscientious leadership. The desire of the Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries is that you will find this material helpful as you develop your strategy for reaching and developing men and families for missions and ministry through the local church.

This manual includes the following Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries information:

  1. Foundation for Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries

    This section look at five areas of need and interest in the lives of men and the Biblical foundations upon which to create a well-developed ministry with men.

  2.  Organizational Chart

    This chart and the accompanying materials may help you as you determine the needs of men and how to organize our Local Church to minister to and through men, young men and boys.

  3. Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministry Book

This book offers ideas and details related to the philosophy and organization for men in the Local Church. Another important item available from Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries is the BGBM Team Strategy This model is the overall recommendation for developing a Men’s Ministries to involve more men in leadership, develop ministries that offer men options based on their skills, spiritual development, and interests. Please let us know how we may serve you as you strengthen the Local Church to reach the world for Christ, One leader at a time, one family at a time and one church at a time.

Who are we?

“Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

Most of our men recognized the need for God’s help in the area of leadership and Christian principles that is why all our men agreed to gather every week in Christ presence in an atmosphere of trust, faith, respect and confidentiality to share personal feelings and experiences. This meeting provides encouragement, opportunities, Bible training, food fellowship and a time of prayer.

The Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministry is under the direction of our pastor. This is a ministry that offers an opportunity to the MEN to become involved in an effort based on building MEN OF GOD; MEN that are willing to “Stand in the Gap”; MEN that are not afraid to admit that they are not where they NEED to be in their Christian journey, and are seeking help, guidance, and knowledge that will enable them to reach the mark. Then these MEN will be able “To demonstrate the love of God revealed to us through Jesus Christ to all within our reach, and to utilize the worship of God to strengthen our commitment to the Word, the Will, and the Way of the Father.” It is important that we build up one another in the Lord.

The Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries meets for Bible Study and prayer every Tuesday. These meetings begin at 9:00 p.m.

Bordergate Baptist Men

Are Christians aged 18 or older who have experienced God in their lives; Are called to take the Great Commission personally; Have accepted the Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries mission statement as a commitment to the “on mission” lifestyle.

Meet regularly; are not defined by the meetings or the structure; Are defined by their members’ commitment to be on mission.

Bordergate Baptist Men Commit To:

Seek their place in God’s Mission of reconciliation; Adjust their lives by gaining skills and understandings that make them more effective in the mission; Use their mission skills in personal mission fields where they live and work; Partner with other Christians to fulfill the Great Commissionand Great Commandment around the world.

 Men @ Work Are Bordergate Baptist Men Who Commit to:

  •  Worship the Lord
  • Obey His Commandments
  • Build Relationships for Fellowship in Service for Christ
  • Keep Commitments to the Lord and Others.

Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries (An “On Mission” Lifestyle) :

Please consider these principles as we help you develop the BGBM Fellowship:


Our purpose in Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries is to assist the partnership of all the men within the Bordergate Baptist Church family in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.



Our objective is the fulfilling that purpose is to empower men and boys for Local Church service through education and personal in in missions and church ministries.


Strategy Statement:

  • Strong men strengthen families.
  • Families strengthen the church.
  • A strong church reaches the world for Christ.


Vision Statement:

Create an environment in which men and boys will sense and respond to God’s call for salvation and service, to become Acts 1:8 Christians, and honor the great Commission and Commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ through our church family and personal lives.

On the following pages of this manual you will find ideas and suggestions of ways to organize meetings, bible studies and discipleship for men’s group and for mission opportunities.

We hope this information will assist you. Please call our office with questions, or for additional information.

Foundations For Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries

What is Bordgate Baptist Men’s Ministries:

Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries is not just a time for Bible study or training, but is a ministry process where men and boys are reached with the Gospel and encouraged to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through personal ministry and missions.

 The Process of Men’s Growth:

The process of Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries includes five basic areas of personal growth: evangelism, discipleship, men’s issue studies, mission education, and mission action. These five areas of ministry combine to form a “foundation” for the spiritual development of men and boys as they grow in faith and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

 The Foundation Includes Five Pillars

    1. Intercessory Prayer:

      Praying for each other, for the church, for leaders, and for missionaries

    2. Missions Education:

      To understand and affirm the work of all Bordergate Baptist Church ministries and missionaries.

    3. Ministry Projects:

      Doctrinal studies, Baptist Men character builders, leadership lessons, personality enhancement, marriage enrichment programs, legacy builders, accountability groups.

    4. Spiritual Development:

      To leave each meeting different than we arrived because we have learned how to be more like Jesus Christ.

    5. Men’s Interest Events:

Special events designed to draw men to the Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries of the Local Church through activities with which they already have some interest, such as playing basketball games, outdoor fellowships, fishing, mission trips, etc..

The biblical foundation for Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries is found in Matthew 22:35-40, “The Great Commandment,” and in Matthew 28:18-20, “The Great Commission.” Here we are to encourage spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; motivated by our love for Him we express His love to our fellow man.

Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries Leadership:

As with any other area of ministry, strong leadership is essential for Men’s Ministry group to develop. The members of Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministry should have a keen awareness of who they are in Christ Jesus, a strong sense of being led by the Holy Spirit, and inspired vision for the Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministry of the church, and a strong commitment to “servant leadership.”

The development of Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries in the Local church is a dynamic process. It is essential to pray for God’s guidance and seek His leadership, while the pastor and the members work together in ministry.

 What To Do:

The first question to ask is, “What can Bordergate Baptist Men’s Ministries do in our church and community that is not already being done with or for the men and boys?” (In answering this question, we must remember to support the on-going ministries of the Local Church. We are not in competition with, but in cooperation with one another.)

To begin, we encourage men to establish and coordinate leadership teams, within the group in the following areas: prayer team leader, missions’ education leader, missions/ministry project leader, spiritual development leader, men’s interest events leader.